Underground Storage Tank (UST) Management

NET, L.L.C. provides limited UST management services. Our services include UST removal and closure, site investigations, site remediation, monitoring, regulatory interface and reimbursement claims.

  • UST Removal and Closure - NET, L.L.C. will prepare a tank removal plan, perform tank excavation, collect the required soil samples, document tank removal and disposal, provide regulatory interface and provide a thorough final report documenting the removal project.

  • Site Investigations - NET, L.L.C. will perform a site investigation to define the extent of contamination in the soil and groundwater, evaluate current and historical site conditions, and identify potential receptors of the contamination, such as water bodies, wells or buried utilities.

  • Site Remediation - NET, L.L.C. will design and implement a remediation plan for each site on an individual basis. The remedial methods may include vapor extraction, sparging, bioremediation, and air stripping. NET, L.L.C. personnel will manage communications with regulatory officials to insure compliance with applicable regulations.

  • Reimbursement Claims - NET, L.L.C. personnel have experience with various state reimbursement programs, which insures our clients timely reimbursement of their remediation expenses.

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