Lead-based Paint Management Services

NET, L.L.C. has the technical experience to provide high quality lead-based paint management services needed to insure compliance with state and federal regulations and to reduce the liability associated with the presence of lead-based paint. NET, L.L.C. has completed projects involving all aspects of lead-based paint management, and can provide services which include building inspections and risk assessments, Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Programs, preparation and review of lead-based paint abatement specifications, abatement project management, and air monitoring.

  • Lead-based Paint Inspection & Risk Assessment - In order to accurately ascertain the potential for lead-based paint in a building, a comprehensive inspection should be conducted. Lead-based paint inspections are conducted by accredited professionals to determine the presence, locations, conditions and estimated quantity of lead-based paint. The survey involves either the collection of paint chip samples and/or the use of an XRF to determine the presence of lead-based paint. The paint chip analysis is conducted by an accredited laboratory. The risk assessment is conducted to investigate lead-based paint hazards. Risk assessments include investigating the age, history, management, and maintenance of the building; a visual assessment; performing limited environmental sampling, such as dust wipe samples, soil samples, and deteriorated paint samples; and reporting the results that identify acceptable abatement and interim control strategies based on specific conditions and the owner's capabilities.  A thorough report documenting the inspection, analysis, and conclusions and recommendations is provided.

  • Lead-based Paint Abatement Management & Air Monitoring - NET, L.L.C. will develop the abatement project design and specifications, coordinate the bid phase of the project, and assist in the selection of an abatement contractor. Project specifications include safety and health requirements, work area containment, decontamination procedures, abatement methods with pre-established performance standards, proper cleanup procedures, and final air/dust clearance standards.

  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Programs - NET, L.L.C. will develop an O&M program to determine the management options once a survey has identified lead-based paint which does not need to be immediately abated. The objective of the O&M program is to minimize the exposure of all building occupants to lead. NET, L.L.C. will develop the O&M program for a specific building which details the procedures, policies and methods to be used by property management personnel for ongoing maintenance of the lead-based paint.

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